08 April 2013

Cartesio V0.8

In the newest Cartesio V0.8, changes are:
  • the electronics have been updated to the MegaTronics V2.0
  • the X belt has been turned 
 See more photo`s after the break


  1. Good stuff, by the time I have the ~$1500 to build this, it'd probably already be like v1.2 though. LOL

    The 200x400x200 is amazing though, that's amazing depth.

  2. So you have 3 belts, one with 4 ballscrews to Z axis, one with unknown number of pulleys for Y-axis and another with unknown number of pulleys to X-axis?

    1. Z has 5 pulleys(4 spindles and 1 motor)
      X has 2 pulleys
      Y has 1 pulley
      All 8 are HTD3 15teeth 7mm wide

  3. hi,
    can I obtain the printable files for the v0.8 cartesio? i have the build documents but i cant see v0.8 in thingiverse?

  4. Sure, just sent me an e-mail on josATmaukDOTcc.
    If you need anything else, let me know.