10 April 2013

Cleaning support material

The other day I got the request to print a 3D scanned sculpture made by an artist here in Maastricht, Netherlands .

This was my first try with support material

Read more and a clip after the break

Slicing program: Slic3r
Material used    : object       52 gram
                       : support    16 gram
Height              : 98 mm
Print time          : 8:10:34 hours
Cleaning time    : 9 minutes
Nozzle              : 0.5mm
layerheight        : 0.25mm
Infill                  : 3%
support spacing : 6mm



  1. Great!
    I was hesitant to try models with support material, tonight I'm starting.

  2. So you have a problem with printing guns, dildos and houses on the moon... but you're OK with printing pussies.

    Your an odd chap.