25 March 2013

Printing guns, dildos and houses on the moon

Whenever I hear one of those topics, the hairs in the back of my neck start rising.
And that is me saying it very polite.
So, before you read on: this is me venting.

Have you ever had that someone comes up to you and asks: can I print a gun with that ? or a dildo ?

My standard answer is :

Picture a 3D printer as a faery, complete with magical wand and all.
Now this faery is hoovering in front of you and he,she,it says you can wish for anything, and it will be granted.

And you wish for a gun and dildo !?!?

then  there is something seriously wrong inside of your head.
Really, you are ill.
Get professional help.
My first wish would be a roof over everybody's head and 
Even better, some food in their bellies.

talking about a roof over your head:

printing houses on the moon !?!?

I am sure there will come a day when this will be true, but not in the near future.
And I see complete company's making elaborate plans for this right now. with funding!!
I am guessing it will take us humans about 10 to 20 years to be able to get to the moon in a sound manner.
But I am sure that the techniques that we are thinking up right now, to be used in 20 years, will be completely obsolete in about 5 years.
And why stop at printing houses on the moon.
Why not print an entirely new moon with housing.
(Surfers here on earth will love that as well)

So, I would like the company's that are funding these kind of silly things to contact me,
as I have a couple of dozen other useless projects that need funding.
One of them being: printing houses on the bottom of the ocean, 
and one is: printing houses in the center of the sun.
one would not need plumbing and one would not need central heating

A win-win situation