08 March 2013

comparison between SLA and FDM

Recently I compared my FDM printed extruder to the same extruder printed with an SLA machine.
As any one can guess (without even looking at the photo`s) the SLA part was much more beautiful then the FDM counterpart.

But then I did the math thing (money wise)

Get the results after the break

 SLA machine (Objet24)

raw material                 90 Grams                          4,09
machine depreciation    4EUR/Hour x 11               44,00
electricity                     0,7KWh x 11 x 0.22            1,69
Man hour                      5min x 0,5                         2,50

total                                                                     52,28 EUR

FDM machine (Cartesio at 0.25mm layerheight)

raw material                  60 Grams                          2,80
machine depreciation     0,27EUR/Hour x 2,5          0,68
electricity                      0,18KWh x 2,5 x 0.22        0,10
Man hour                      5min x 0,5                         2,50

total                                                                     6,08 EUR

The costs to make the part were 8,6 x more for the SLA part then for the FDM part.

the question is:
Is the SLA part 9x more beautiful then the FDM part ?
That is a question that each will have to answer for themselves.

1 more useful fact:
the machine depreciation of both machines was set to 9000 hours

If you have other numbers to fill in, please let me know.


  1. Hi Jos,

    Great to see this comparaison, would you mind to talk about the tolerance/precision difference please?

  2. I have not assembled this "SLA" extruder, so I can not say if it is stronger.
    I think as for dimensions the SLA will be more precise.
    But it is still plastic that can deform under stress, so there are some tolerances already build into the design in the first place.