19 October 2012

Mass production 3D printers from MaukCC

As an addition to the new CartesioLD, we bring MP(MassProduction)

We bring mass production to 3D printing with the CartesioLDMP.
With the CartesioLDMP we have made mass production capable to 3D printing for the 1st time in history.
print multiple identical parts at the same time in different colors or different materials.
It`s al possible with the latest addition to the popular Cartesio line of MaukCC`s CNC machines.

Special thanks to EvdZ for making the Marlin firmware up to date with 4 extruders.

 The CartesioLDMP has 4 extruders to print 4 identical parts (or set of parts) at the same time.

 As always the extruders are powered by J-Head hotends.

Because of the large build volume of the CartesioLD, one can print 4 parts as big as 100x200x200mm at the same time.
Here you can see the 1st movements of the CartesioLDMP

And here is the clip of the 1st ever print with a mass production 3D printer

And a clip of CartesioLDMP printing the MotorBrackets at 100mm/sec

1 comment:

  1. juil. 09 23:31:32 jos-MaukCC-phone The producer ??
    juil. 09 23:31:46 arthur-_ jos-MaukCC-phone: a printer that prints multiple copies of an object at a time
    juil. 09 23:31:51 arthur-_ like 9 or 16
    juil. 09 23:32:00 arthur-_ just add hotends :)
    juil. 09 23:32:25 jos-MaukCC-phone Ok:)
    juil. 09 23:32:33 arthur-_ replaces printfarms
    juil. 09 23:32:36 arthur-_ and factories
    juil. 09 23:33:03 arthur-_ at a fraction of the price, since you share most of the components, just a bit beefier
    juil. 09 23:33:38 arthur-_ of course there is a smaller market than for normal printers
    juil. 09 23:33:43 arthur-_ but still, should be a ton of fun to make