19 October 2012

New: CartesioLD

It was in the making and as of November 2012 it will be for sale:
CartesioLD(LargeDepth) has a massive build volume of 200x400x200mm(LxDxH).

At 23th of October, during the dutch design week, the 2nd edition of the 3D printing event will be held in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
At this event the CartesioLD will be shown to the public



  1. Hello, I don´t have a 3d printer to print to the parts, how can I obtain or buy the print parts for cartesio LD7?

  2. Hi David,

    You can buy them from MaukCC for 235EUR.
    Or ask someone else to print :) you could go to IRC #reprap and ask around.