01 December 2012

Cartesio V0.7

Here is the new version of Cartesio the V0.7
changed things include:
  • new electronics
  • gantry has turned 180 degrees
  • new toolholder
  • new extruder 
  • homing sensors at different position

Not all things are backward compatible anymore, but they are forward compatible because of this.

New Electronics:
Cartesio comes with the new Mechatronics board from reprapworld.
Megatronics is based on many famous open-source products including: Arduino Mega, RAMPS, SD Ramps. Therefor this product is an already proven design. It combines all major features of these board into a single board solution for more reliable 3D-printing.

for more info see:

gantry turned 180 degrees:
The extruder(s) are facing forward now so one can see clearly what is going on.


new toolholder:
The toolholder has been made even more rigid to hold more tools.
It now has a 12mm guide rod on the top to provide more stability.
You can also mount a 2nd toolholder on the back of the gantry, to hold even more tools.

new extruder  V3
Thanks to a very helpfull review in the shop we redesigned the extruder.

The new extruder has a forward facing idler for easy filament swapping, and the extruder will no longer jam without idler installed.
The room for wires has also been enlarged.
the open space at the drive sprocket has been reduced to a minimum, to be able to print flexible PLA.

homing sensors at different position
The Y-axis homing sensor has been moved next to the Z-axis for easyer assembly.

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