20 November 2011


Annoyed by frequently having to adjust your
Z-axis home position ?
I was too, but no longer.
Here is the Hall-O

 The Hall-O is a non contact measuring device that reacts to magnetism.
Put it on your machine, put on the magnet, set the desired distance and your ready to go.

I am using 3 of these on the Cartesio, because I want all 3 reference positions to be exact, all the time, every time.

Detailed info can be found at RepRap.


  1. Sorry what does this line on the wiki mean?
    "If your motherboard is the Sanguinololu, make sure the endstop link on the bottom is soldered."

  2. on the bottom of the sanguinololu are 3 little solderpads next to the connectors of the endstops.
    you wil have to solder the middle one to 1 of the outer pads to get either 12V or 5V power to your endstops.
    for the Hall-O it has to be the 5V, otherwise you will blow it up :)
    Without this link there will be no power to the endstops