22 November 2011

Cartesio: mark2

After testing the new geared extruder, I was very pleased about its speed.
The thing I did not like was the speed of Cartesio itself.
It....... is........ was....... so......slow.........

So time for some change
Out with the lead-screws, and in with belts.

X and Y axis have no more heavy parts (other than the extruder  hot-end) and they move FAST !!
Also the printed parts are a lot smaller which results in lower make and material costs .

Now you can connect the normal, geared extruder, and be Very fast.
You can connect a Bowden cable extruder, and be Ultra fast.
You can connect the Proxxon engraving tool.
Or connect them all, to the coming tool-changer.

The whole set-up is very rigid and allows for maximum compatibility.

So, what do you want to connect to it ?