22 November 2011

Cartesio: mark2

After testing the new geared extruder, I was very pleased about its speed.
The thing I did not like was the speed of Cartesio itself.
It....... is........ was....... so......slow.........

So time for some change
Out with the lead-screws, and in with belts.

X and Y axis have no more heavy parts (other than the extruder  hot-end) and they move FAST !!
Also the printed parts are a lot smaller which results in lower make and material costs .

Now you can connect the normal, geared extruder, and be Very fast.
You can connect a Bowden cable extruder, and be Ultra fast.
You can connect the Proxxon engraving tool.
Or connect them all, to the coming tool-changer.

The whole set-up is very rigid and allows for maximum compatibility.

So, what do you want to connect to it ?


  1. very interesting to see that printer-version of the Cartesio :)

  2. when will you release some more information? i'm curios! i'm trying to develop a new printer and i think that you found some nice solutions to my problems =p

  3. I am going to spend some time with my wife and kids this week, before they re-direct all of their anger towards me :)
    But I will give an update about V0.4 early Jan. with some pics and movies.
    I am already designing V0.5 which will be the first release version mid Jan.

  4. What software is using to control the machine?

  5. the firmware on the machine itself is called marlin