18 November 2011

New print extruder

I am proud to say my new extruder is working.
It has a MakerGear 0.35mm hot-end for 3mm filament.

I made a new one because it had to fit to the Cartesio, and It has to fit the tool changer I am designing.
So far I am really pleased with the results of the testing.

Strange thing happend when I was testing the new Extruder.
You know how the extruded filament starts making circles, when you print in air.
Well it did the exact same thing, until I speeded things up to 6mm/sec.
At this point it came out in a straight line!!
And when I went to 7mm/sec it started spiralling again.
Could this 6mm/sec be the best extrusion speed ???
I know this is on the speedy side, but to all of you out there, could you please test !!
Like to hear your thoughts

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