14 August 2013

Extruder with 1.3mm nozzle

I made an extruder with a 1.3mm nozzle for 1,75mm filament.
Now that is a big hole !
This one is for quick and thick infill.

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Here is a clip of it extruding.
This is my basic test setup to test my extruders.

As you can expect it did some fair amount of oozing.
Stange thing that happend was that the more I retracted the more it oozed.
best setting was at 1mm retract.

I tested with a speed of 600mm/min.

This one will go to 1 of my customers to test with.
I will report back on how it printed.

I can start making 1.35mm filament :)

Update :

Here are some pictures of the first print.
Layerheight: 1mm

Looks like some pretty good bridging there.
With only perimeters this object took 3.5 hours to print.
For an object of 150x150x180mm that`s pretty fast.

Update 2: