14 August 2013

Extruder with 1.3mm nozzle

I made an extruder with a 1.3mm nozzle for 1,75mm filament.
Now that is a big hole !
This one is for quick and thick infill.

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Here is a clip of it extruding.
This is my basic test setup to test my extruders.

As you can expect it did some fair amount of oozing.
Stange thing that happend was that the more I retracted the more it oozed.
best setting was at 1mm retract.

I tested with a speed of 600mm/min.

This one will go to 1 of my customers to test with.
I will report back on how it printed.

I can start making 1.35mm filament :)

Update :

Here are some pictures of the first print.
Layerheight: 1mm

Looks like some pretty good bridging there.
With only perimeters this object took 3.5 hours to print.
For an object of 150x150x180mm that`s pretty fast.

Update 2:


  1. Hi Jos!
    Awesome! I am thinking about drilling out one of my nozzles to 1mm. I better get a move on!

    What issues apart from oozing did you encounter? Are you using the same extruder/heater power as for smaller nozzles? Also is that hotglue holding the print(buddha?) down?


  2. One of my customers is doing the testing.
    As far as i heard there were no issues printing.

    Yes that is glue holding it in place :) probably because of the larger volume with no infill it started to warp.

    Apart from the nozzle size, everything is the same on this extruder.

  3. What software are you using to generate G Code? Our nozzle diameter is set at 1mm, but there seems to be some miscommunication between the nozzle size setting and the layer height setting.

    When we try to run Slic3r (bundled in Repetier) we get the error messages:
    “Slicing exited with error” in dialog box and “ First layer height can't be greater than --nozzle-diameter” in log

    We have to change configuration to a 0.3 mm layer height before Slic3r will generate code…won’t generate g code with our settings at 0.6, 0.5. We then tried to edit the line command in the G code, but this didn’t work.

    Is this a bug in the mac repetier/slic3r bundle? Do you have a work around to set the layer height? Other than layer height, the G code settings work well…speed, infill, etc. Any leads?

    1. I also use slic3r, but not in combination with any other program.
      You can download from http://slic3r.org/download.
      first set it to expert mode, because that is what we are :)
      Then in "printer settings / extruder1" set your nozzle diameter.
      in print settings set your layer height, and make sure you are using extruder1 in multiple extruders.
      A good rule of thumb is : max layerheight is 0.8 * nozzlediameter