20 August 2013

Cartesio V0.9

It`s almost ready.
The new CartesioM and CartesioW.

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main changes :
  • new plug and play electronics on 24V
  • new linear slides
  • easy access to object
  • Z-axis more stable
  • Multi ToolHolder

The new electronics have flatcables, which means they do not require soldering.
Assembling the electronics takes about 10 min.
There are 3 external stepperdrivers for more power.
X,Y speed is 500mm/sec now.
Z speed 20mm/sec

The new linear slides are much more robust.
It takes about 1/5 of the time to get them aligned properly, and they go a lot faster.
All this fancyness comes with a price, and that is the main reason the price of the Cartesio has gone up.

The access to the object has been turned to the wide side of the Cartesio, thus giving maximum exposure to the object.

The Z-axis has only 3 TR12x3 spindles,

but gained a heavy linear slide.
This to ensure you have a straight Z-axis.

The toolholder can be used on both sides.
This means you can add multiple tools at the same time.
  • 2x dual extruder
  • 1x dual extruder and 1x single extruder
  • 1x dual extruder and 1x engraver

A lot of re-designing had the focus on quicker assembly to accommodate the ever growing demand.

A lot of printed parts are changed to laser-cut metal parts.
But the purist amongst us can also make them printed :)