25 February 2013

Light curable resins Cancerous ??

The other day I had a chemist in, and he told me that years ago he was head of an R&D department
doing research in light curable resins.

All the people actually handling the resins had now past away from cancer.
His conclusion was that ALL light curable resins are highly cancerous.

A google search did not give me any answers on this.
I see no warning signs by SLA machine vendors and resin vendors.
Am I to believe this is like cigarettes 30 years ago? (they were healthy back then)
In 5 years from now, will we have stickers with "3D printing can cause serious health problems and death" on resin containers?

What the google search did reveal, was that a lot of cancer research was being done with the aid of stereolithography machines.
So we are using cancerous materials to try and cure cancer?
Something is not right.

I was designing a new type of SLA machine, but put this on hold for now.
Am I to abandon it all together?

Who can shed some light on this controversy?

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  1. Liquid epoxy resin is permeable to human skin and should always be used with caution. It's been that way for fifty years.

    All manufacturers insist that protective gloves and clothing be worn.

    It's not a recommendation, it's a requirement.

    Since SLA printing puts unsuspecting users into close physical contact with a bath of liquid resin, your concerns are warranted.

    There should be caution labels everywhere.

    Good post Jos.