22 September 2012

Extruder V2

This is the new V2 extruder.
It handles 1.7mm filament.
All cables have been guided away from rotating parts.

The extruder is much more compact and lighter then V1.
It handles 1.7mm filament which is much easyer to push through the nozzle.
this results in much higher print speeds (currently testing 150mm/sec , no problemo)


The extruder works with a wormgear that has a ratio of 20:1
This has 2 advantages
- there are more steps per mm, resulting in finer print resolution
- the power of the motor is greatly reduced, and a smaller (read lighter) motor is required

Here is a clip where it`s printing at 75mm/sec

And one where it is printing at 150mm/sec, part 1 infill
Part2 topside

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