15 February 2012

Cartesio : progress update

The last months have been very hectic.

I have not put any parts on-line lately, because there was a new revision of parts almost every week.
But now It looks like V0.5 will be the 1.

I am putting the V0.5 together as we read,
and I am writing the assembly instructions at the same time.
So, when this one is finished I will have a completely documented Cartesio V0.5 !

At that time, the plan is to give a "build party" ,  to see if my assembly instructions are in compliant with the real world (and not just the one I am living in :) ).

When the assembly instructions are valid, I will put all parts on-line, including the assembly instructions.

I am currently building a 200x200x200mm version (Cartesio M), and all the standard parts seem to be OK.

All axis have Cable Drag Chain (CDC) cable protection.
The 2 NEMA17 motors for X-axis have been changed to 1 NEMA23, which should make the whole machine strong enough to print while turning the printer upside down and/or on it`s side.
This should make it stable enough to print in the ISS (is there anybody out there ?) .

and then there is the LCD display, with control wheel.(Thanks Marlin firmware).
It allows for a totally Stand Alone Printing (StAP) experience, and "on the fly" adjustments of all critical values.(like speed, temp, and so on)
I am planning to put that in a separate hand held box, connected to the machine.

So next thing to do, is organize the 1st build party !!

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