02 January 2012

Cartesio: Update V0.4

A lot of things have changed as of  V0.3
So here is an update of things that have been done.
And things to do for V0.5.

As of  V0.3 there are belts in a sort of H-bot style.
It is not an actual H-bot, because there are 2 different belts for X and Y.


With this setup, the motor for the Y-axis (Toolhead going up and down over the Gantry) is not on the gantry any more.
This makes it a lot more stable at higher speeds, and the acceleration can be a lot faster.


V0.3 had some torc issues at the belts on the gantry, which are eliminated as of V0.4

The gantry linear slides have been changed to a much more stable configuration.

All parts are now within the parameters of the extruded profiles.
This means, no more parts sticking out, and you can make it a completely enclosed cabinet,

What`s up with V0.5 ?

The best thing about V0.5 is that all parts can be used for all variety of Cartesio.
This means that if you want to build one that is 1x1x1meter, you only have to get the appropriate extruded profiles, belts and Z-spindles lengths. All other things are standard.
The toolhead linear slide has been changed to a much more stable configuration.
The 2 NEMA17 motors for X-axis have been changed to 1 NEMA23. 

Things to come
I am also designing the electronics for the tool changer, and want to have as much things to mount to it noted, so I will have a good functioning design the first time around.
So what would you want to connect to it ?
No really, what do you want to connect to it?
So far I have:
  • multiple extruders(colors)
  • proxxon engraving tool
  • Pick and place
  • other type of extruders (ceramics, food, ?)
Need input....

Belt layout for Y axis



  1. beautiful! i was designing a new printer and i had the idea of an h-bot style...you had this idea before me and you found some nice solutions! =)

  2. I was planning on doing full H-bot, but after seeing http://www.multimechatronics.com/images/uploads/courses/h_Bot/H-Bot%20Poster.pdf I thought it was to much of a hassle.
    As cartesio is so easy to set-up in a different way, I am going to try it in a later stage

  3. mmm...i saw that website but not this pdf. you are right, because there is also the problem of a new firmware for a different bot style.
    i will wait for some more pictures of your full printer and the stl file =)
    i like cartesio, good work!

  4. A penholder.
    A laserdiode-tool for scribing etc.
    A vibrating dispensing tool. (http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?88,110925,110925) Paint with different kinds of coloured sand or dispensing stuff like richrap did in the sublink.

    I guess the following goes under pick & place. It would be interesting to make a mount for a linelaser in a corner and then use the pick & place with a mounted webcam to grab and rotate a object = 3d scanner. This could also be extended to a inspection tool = magnification.

  5. Thanks so much for the ideas,
    All of them are now on the ToDo list.
    That list is getting bigger and bigger !

  6. Could you post a simple diagram of your belt layout please? whenever I look at the pictures all I see is belts going everywhere :|

  7. Yes, isnt it grand.
    Belt layout for X is pretty straight forward.
    Every side of the gantry has a driven belt that is just a loop.
    The Y belt is a bit more tricky.
    I added a drawing on the bottom of the article.

  8. I assume you mean each side not every side, so on the diagram one belt along the top and one along the bottom.
    I see now why you are not using the H layout, this way keeps the two axis independent, so you don't need to mod the software, crafty.
    Presumably doing this you've traded force for speed, which is fine for printing, but how does the mill perform with this setup?

  9. exactly each side,
    I did not really traded the one for the other.
    Because it is a pulley style like in the new picture in the post, you have double the force, but at twice the speed.
    normally this would result in same force/speed ratio
    But as steppermotors go faster, torc goes down, so there is some torc loss.
    I would not say Cartesio is for milling, rather for engraving.
    I have milled a heatbed into 2 pieces, but at very low speeds

  10. For what it's worth my interests are in wood milling and circuit board engraving and drilling. I'm already working on a separately on a Reprap.

  11. This might interest you


  12. spot on ... i am really trying to make 1 thats 1x1x1m