15 November 2011

Hello world

So, finally I have pushed myself to start this blog to tell the world what I am doing.
I hope the world is not disappointed.

So first thing first, I am male, I am married (to a female), and we have 2 kids (Girl and boy).
So far I don`t think I have offended anybody.

The thing I do in normal day to day life, is engineering electronics and (fine) mechanics, and making these 2 work with each other.
This I do in my own business called MaukCC.
First thing people ask me is, what is the CC?
At the start it was Custom Computing. (I was designing crazy computer cabinets)
Now it stands for a lot of things. Just have a look at the rest of the website, the nicest being Creative Commons.

I am also a member of the ikmaak team, which helps and informs people how to build (ik maak = i build) things themselves.

Currently I`m designing and selling a CNC router, and parts that are not specifically for this router, but are used by it.
This CNC router is called Cartesio and will appear throughout this blog.

 Well I guess that`s all for now.


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